Bloons Tower Defense

Bloons tower defence is a great tower defence casual game.  You need to use all kinds of equipment to prevent balloons from invading your city. In the process of each defence, you can unlock the defence equipment by obtaining gold coins to protect the town from balloon attacks better.

The game operation of Bloons tower defence

In Bloons tower defence, its operation is simple and easy to operate. You only need to arrange your troops through the left mouse button.

The game content of Bloons tower defence

Your primary position is a winding circle of the Yugoslav capital. You need to arrange defensive troops in all parts of the Yugoslav capital.  Before officially starting the game, you have the necessary funds to buy monkeys, which can help you puncture balloons as they pass by.  As you continue to cross the border, you will face more and more aircraft, and there will be balloons with multiple layers of life, while you need to continually use gold coins to purchase defence equipment to prevent balloon invasion.

The game features of Bloons tower defence.

Bloons tower defence has a variety of defence devices. The more gold coins are accumulating, the more devices are unlocked.  As you pass, the balloons you face will also upgrade.

Bloons tower defense is a game that pays attention to strategy and protection. Only your skillful arrangement of troops can ensure that the city will not be violated. However, if you don’t do a good job of defense, you are likely to be attacked by the enemy. Raze is a shooting adventure. You will fight against all kinds of creatures to protect your territory from invasion. Answer Heroes 2(clicker heroes 2) is an action-oriented production. Use your wisdom to fight.

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